Ryan Thang called up from Admirals

Ryan Thang is headed back to the Predators from Milwaukee. What does this mean for Fisher & Kostitsyn?

The Predators announced earlier today that left winger Ryan Thang will be returning the NHL team after being sent to the Predators’ minor league team, the Milwaukee Admirals. This discussion comes on the heels of last night’s disastrous blind-side hit from Francois Beauchemin, which took Mike Fisher from the game during the first period. This, of course, leads fans to believe Fisher will be out for a few to a lot of games.

Thang is known being quick on his feet and isn’t afraid to check a few blokes into the boards. He also enjoys shooting (hooray) and has a pretty powerful slap shot. He is also a graduate of Norte Dame, for all you Fighting Irish fans out there.

Bad news is the Predators have 23 guys on the Active Roster, which means only one thing: someone has to go. It’s pretty obvious that Fisher will more than likely be the guy placed on Injured Reserve (IR), but what about Sergei Kostitsyn? He was not placed on the injured list last night, but he was scratched from the game. However, we are pretty positive it will be Fisher headed to the IR. Yet, Kostitsyn could be worse off than we think, which we definitely hope not. What is most depressing here is that Kostitsyn and Fisher work extremely well together, and to lose that match up may end up hurting the Preds in the long run.

Well, for whoever is off to the IR, we wish them a quick recovery. Until then, Ryan Thang will be their replacement and we hope that he is ready to step in for either one of the injured players.

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