Dirty Ducks no Match for the “Peks Reflex”, Preds sweep 3-0

Blake Geoffrion takes a stand for fellow teammate Jordin Tootoo by fighting Matt Beleskey.

Yet another amazing display of Predators hockey tonight in Nashville, as the Predators send the the Anaheim Ducks limping back to California 3-0. Tonight’s game was the most physical game of the season and the games to come with have a tough time rivaling this one. The Ducks were still clearly upset with the Predators knocking them out of the playoffs last season and made it known very early in the game. As usual, Corey Perry pulled dirty moves and tried to weaken the Predators defense. However, the Predators stuck together and fought back, sending the Ducks waddling home without a goal to their name.


  • For the first time this season, the Predators lead the game in scoring with 29 to the Ducks’ 20! It’s about time!
  • Patric Hornqvist was quick on his feet tonight, scoring the first goal of the game, only 14 seconds after the puck dropped! He was assisted by both Colin Wilson and Captain Shea Weber. This is Horny’s second goal of the season and it seems the old Hornqvist is back in the game. Horny also lead the team in shots at the net with seven.
  • Was Erat just taking a break for a few games or was he really hurt because Marty came out on fire against the Ducks after sustaining an upper body injury, sending him on the IR. Erat scored the second goal of the night (also in the 1st) with assists from Jordin Tootoo and Alternate Captain Ryan Suter. It is good to see Marty returning from an injury with such fire.
  • Mike Fisher was helped off the ice during the first period after a devastating and blind-sided blow from Francois Beauchemin. He did not return to the game and Barry Trotz told the media that he suffered from an upper body injury and could be out for a few games. As you know, Fisher just returned this season after getting shoulder surgery over the summer. Beauchemin was sighted with an illegal check to the head and roughing, sending him to the box for a total of four minutes.
  • Brian McGrattan dropped the gloves with George Perros in the 1st, showing off his rough and tough fighting skills. Both were sent the box for 5 minutes for fighting. McGrattan blew kisses to the crowd while making his way to the penalty box, and after the way the Ducks were playing, fans truly enjoyed the dukes being thrown.
  • Also throwing bows was Kevin Klein after Fisher was blind-sided by Beauchemin. Klein went after Beauchemin and showed how much his teammates mean to him, letting him know cheap shots aren’t welcome in Smashville. Like Beauchemin, Klein found his way to the penalty box for 4 minutes due to Roughing.
  • Another boy standing up for his teammates was Blake Geoffrion, who took after Matt Beleskey after a cheap shot was taken on Jordin Tootoo while he was face down on the ice. Although not a fighter, Geoffrion made it clear that he did not appreciate the Ducks and their lack of class. He was able to get three good punches in before the two players fell to the ice. Both were sent the penalty box for 5 minutes for fighting.
  • Corey Perry was faced with a penalty after taking a personal stab at a downed Jordin Tootoo during the third period. The refs called it “slashing”, but it was clearly a blow with his stick. Perry is known for using his stick as a weapon and notoriously getting away with it. It’s time for the NHL to step in and do something about his behavior.
  • Props to Jordin Tootoo for keeping his cool under pressure tonight. The Ducks took jabs at him all night, but Toots kept a level head and avoided the penalty box, which was what the Ducks were intending. Toots should have been a “Star of the Game” for taking hit after hit and still fighting through without complaint.
  • Shea Weber hit his first goal of the season in the third, sealing the game for the Predators. Weber took his famous slapshot towards the goal, and we all know you do NOT get in the way of that shot. His shots have been clocked in the 100MPH range if that gives you an indication.
  • And, last but not least, star of the night goes to Pekka Rinne! Tonight’s win sealed Pek’s 100th win with the team and his 22nd career shutout, surpassing Tomas Vokoun’s Predators record. We are very proud to have such a great goalie who takes his position seriously and enjoys the game and fans as much as Pekka Rinne does.
So fans, no Frosties tonight, but tomorrow morning means a free doughnut from Dunkin Donuts thanks to a great shutout from the Predators! The Predators stayed level headed and played tough against the “Dirty Ducks” who we are convinced simply came out to weaken the Preds and wear them out, not actually play. Ducks fans should be ashamed, to be honest. They are a very dirty team and we feel sorry for players like Teemu Selanne, who are actually good players. However, to have players like Corey Perry, Dan Ellis (yea, I said it), and Bobby Ryan, who don’t exactly play fair, how do you honestly like a team like that? Is it because they are Mighty Ducks? Oh wait, that’s not their name anymore- Sorry Anaheim, you will always be synonymous with Disney’s the Might Ducks.
Again, the Predators dominated tonight and reminded the Ducks who the classier and overall better team was, and we did not need to take cheap and dirty shots to try to win the game. Heck, they weren’t even trying to win!
The Predators are back on the road, taking on the Chicago Blackhawks on Monday, which so happens to be Halloween. The puck drops at 7:30PM and will be on FS-TN. Now let’s take Chicago by storm and show them what Smashville hockey is all about! GO PREDS.

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