About Lady Preds

Who am I:
TTU Golden Eagle | Wife | Nashville Predators Season Ticket Holder | Journalism/History Major | Marketing Specialist | Writer | Hockey Enthusiast | Jack of All Trades

As you can see, I am the quintessential multitasker. Whether your a loyal Lady Preds reader or new to my site, you should know that I am not going to be your first source of breaking news when it comes to hockey. I am a full-time student and Marketing Advisor, so I have to be committed to what pays for those season tickets first. You can rely on me to have accurate information and the unique view of our wonderful sport through the eyes of a female fanatic. I want to thank everyone who has and continues to support me and Lady Preds through this journey. I love this sport & cannot imagine not writing about it. I still get giddy as a little girl when I hear someone has read my blog. As as I said, I may not be your first source for hard-hitting, one-on-one player analysis, but I will bring you great recaps and all the important stuff you guys want to know!

Hockey Fan Established:
February 28th, 2009 – Predators vs. Detroit Red Wings (Preds won 8-0 and I witnessed a Hat Trick). Fell instantly in love.
I haven’t been a fan as long as most others have, but that’s the awesome thing about hockey in the South. I am a non-traditional fan supporting a team in a non-traditional market. As a woman in male-dominated emphasis, I am set up to fail; similar to how most people on the outside see the Predators succeeding in Nashville. People like me and countless others who have been brought to Preds games have latched on throughout the years and have developed a soft spot for the sport and many women are included in said fan base.
By the way, that was my then-boyfriend (now husband) and I’s first date. He created this monster.

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6 thoughts on “About Lady Preds

  1. leanne charles says:

    Hey- If you are ever looking for pics to use check out my photos on Flickr – predshooter or facebook leanne charles — always up after a home game!

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