WKRN debuts Tootoo on 2 Segment

During this year long segment, Jordin Tootoo will take us into what his life is all about.

Last night, Nashville’s News Channel 2 WKRN debut its new segment called “Tootoo on 2”. It airs every Sunday at 10:30 at the same time WKRN’s Sports Extra airs.

Lady Preds was hit with several searches on “Jordin Tootoo WKRN”, “Tootoo on 2” and other searches for this particular topic, so we figured we give everyone an update on where you can see the premiere video from last night. That, and we probably should have made mention of this premiering earlier in the week!

This segment, created by Reporter/Photojournalist Ray Zate, follows the life of one of the most popular Predators player through his struggles and triumphs both on and off the ice. The segments are only a few minutes long, but expect to see this segment every Sunday night for a year.

Our site is messing up videos right now, but you can view the premiere video on WKRN’s website here: Tootoo on 2 premieres on Nashville’s News 2

Thank you, Lady Preds fans for asking us to post this! We are happy to give you any information you’re looking for on the Preds! Also, let’s not forget Lady Preds’ favorite sports anchor, Joe Dubin! You can follow his hilarious and entertaining tweets here! And don’t forget to tweet Jordin Tootoo your thoughts every Sunday about his segment!

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