New Home Jersey to be revealed on AT&T Building

This banner showed up on the "Batman" building yesterday afternoon. Is the new jersey hiding behind it?

Wait- What? Yes, you read the headline right; the new home jerseys for the Predators will be revealed at 8 PM tomorrow night on the AT&T Building (affectionately known as the Batman building) during the Predators annual Skate of the Union downtown.

Now we are wondering: Is it going to be a normal sized jersey or are they going to make a giant one that can be seen from Hermitage? Stupid question to ask, but you never know with the Predators. It will be very interesting to see the unveiling of the new home jersey on the Batman building.

If you missed what exactly the Skate of the Union is, you can find a post about it on the ‘older posts’ link at the bottom of the page (it will be on the second page, don’t worry). In a nutshell, players will be signing autographs, used and signed equipment will be up for sale and so much more! The festivities start at 10 AM but continue until around 8:30 PM.

If you haven’t seen a photo of the new jerseys, here they are (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT)… not that you haven’t already seen them:

Yes, that yellow one is the home jersey - I personally like the white away jersey in bottom right.

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