Kostitsyn signs 1-Year Deal with Preds, Fans relieved

SK74 wasn't joking when he said he wanted to stay in Nashville!

Many Preds fans awoke today to see the exciting and relieving news that David Poile and left wing Sergei Kostitsyn have come to a deal for a 1-Year, $2.5 million contract. Some would say this was an overpay for Sergei, but others would beg the differ. I am slightly on the fence about it, but he was one of the lowest paid NHL players this past season, so $2.5 M may not be anywhere near what Ward received from the Capitals (let’s remind you it was a whopping $12 M), but it is still a substantial hike for the twenty-four year old. I know I’d be happy with $2.5 Million!

So take a deep breath, Kostitsyn fans (especially you, overly hyped teenage swooner girl), Kostitsyn will be with us for another season until he is up for this same debacle next year. Let’s hope he doesn’t extremely well so Poile will sign him sooner. Maybe David Poile is a bit of a risk taker, a daredevil. He literally pushed this until the day of the hearings.

We are relieved he took the dive and signed back players like Halischuk, O’Reilly, Spaling and Kostitsyn (keeping the price of all of them under $5 million), but he sure did have us worried and wondering if he would actually do anything about this NHLPA hearing.

What do you think of the $2.5 million contract for SK74? Check out Ontheforecheck.com’s online survey and see what other Preds fans think about his new salary.

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