Shane O’Brien signed by Avalanche

Look at those faces! We let SOB go because...?

Although some fans thought Poile might announce at the Skate of the Union tonight that he’d made a mistake about Shane O’Brien and would be re-signing him, the dream was cut short when it was announced that O’Brien had signed with the Colorado Avalanche. TSN has reported that SOB has signed a one year deal, but no word on the paycheck just yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

Even though Shane was only with the Preds for a year, he definitely left a lasting impression on all fans, wether for the best or worst. Personally, O’Brien was one of my breakout favorites. Yes, even when he was irritating all of us during the playoffs against the Ducks, he still wasn’t afraid to get in an opponent’s face and crosscheck them when they needed it.

Shane O’Brien will be sorely missed and I (personally) think it was a complete loss for us to let him go. He could be a hassle some days, but his tough and rough attitude reminded me of a younger Tootoo. We here at Lady Preds completely understand Poile’s decision and, even if we aren’t happy about it, he is the GM for a reason and knows what he has in mind, with or without SOB.

Good luck in Colorado, Shane! You will always be welcomed in Nashville. Just don’t be a Hamhuis and talk crap about us after you leave. If you do, well… you know what will happen!

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