Preds Buyout J.P. Dumont’s Final Year

Look how SOB is taking Dumont out! Why did we not re-sign him again?!

On the heels of Poile announcing the Predators will not be re-signing Shane O’Brien, the GM also announced J.P. Dumont’s final year with the Predators, worth an estimated $4 million. This buyout drains the Predators of $1.66 million, but is it worth it to let Dumont out into the world? According to every Preds blogger and fan, absolutely.

J.P. “Just Pass” Dumont has been falling short in the past seasons and many fans have wondered why the Predators hadn’t bought his contract out before now. It seems David Poile is serious about making room for the young kids, but let’s hope that is not why he failed to send the QOs out at the last second, sending the Predators into a limbo with 7 players, several of which are key to our team.

Where will Dumont go now that he is free of his contract? Most say straight to retirement, unlike Sullivan, who plans to continue his career elsewhere.

Good luck with where ever you go, Dumont!

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