Poile: “We will not be signing Shane O’Brien”

The news comes as no surprise, but it still makes us sad!

Nashville Predators GM David Poile announced in a press conference at the Preds Training Camp today that Shane O’Brien would not be re-signed this coming 2o11 – ’12 season. Although we are sad about the announcement, it is clear that the Predators have way too many up-and-comers that need their shot and unfortunately, O’Brein was just in the “on the fence” area and Poile has chosen to push him off and try someone else.

From his Twitter, it seems SOB was happy with his chance in Nashville and enjoyed the fanbase and how devoted we are to the team. We will miss SOB’s bad boy attitude. It seemed to me he was one of the only guys who wasn’t afraid to tear into another player and pressure them. Hopefully some of the new guys can live up to O’Brien.

Good luck, Shane!

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