We Lost, Let’s Burn Stuff – Canucks fans

Shortly after it was announced the Canucks lost the Cup...

Well, that didn’t take long, did it? The Vancouver Canucks fans are taking to the streets and burning cars and anything that can be considered flammable. So we can’t completely rule this as a Canadian affair since certain American teams have done this even after actually winning the cup, but come on, Vancouver! Let’s not go all medieval and start burning everything in sight just to relieve some anger issues! I mean, if that’s what makes you feel better, go make a bonfire and cook marsh mellows. Or you may do that with a fire from that car you just lit up.

Are Canucks fans as dirty as the team they cheer for? Quite possibly, but even Henrik Sedin is appalled by their behavior: “It’s terrible. This city and province has a lot to be proud of. It’s too bad.”
I think what makes them the maddest is the fact they are still the laughing stalk of Canadian hockey, which (to be completely honest) makes no sense seeing as they were the only Canadian team to make it deep into the series and the fact they made it to the finals! I mean, they’re obviously good… Welp, not to the rest of the hockey world.

"IS THAT MY CAR?!" - Bettman

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