FLN: Canucks lose Cup, Riot in the Streets

Yea, that's not his purse. Vancouver rioters loot luxury stores along popular Vancouver streets.

Well, that is not how classy and proud Canucks fans want to remember the Stanley Cup finals, but it looks like the riots may be the only thing everyone remembers. It seems the rabid fans destroyed more than just cars and anything that could be set on fire along Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver.

Rioting began when a few classless fans decided to set a Teddy Bear on fire that had a mini Bruins jersey on and somehow turned into burning of cars and looting. As you can see from the photo, thieves took advantage of the rioting scene and broke into luxury stores like The Bay, which carries a line of Burberry and Coach purses. Women were also seen rummaging through a MAC Cosmetic store, stealing make up and anything else they could run out with.

Vancouver police report that no fatalities have occurred, though rumors have spread that a young man was killed. Rumors of stabbing reports have been leaked, but police continue to stay that they are unconfirmed. It is confirmed, however, that a Boston Bruins fan was injured during the riot. He is expected to be okay.

An injured Boston Bruins fan amongst the riot in Vancouver

The Vancouver police and firefighters tried every ethical maneuver to stop the rioting, but in the end, the rioters managed to even set a few police vehicles on fire.

To read a more in depth coverage of the riot in Vancouver, please check out this website http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Latest-News-Wires/2011/0616/Vancouver-riot-Cars-set-on-fire-following-Stanley-Cup-loss.

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