Not This Year, Canucks! Bruins win 2011 Stanley Cup

Sorry Canada, America triumphs yet again!

Thank goodness, thank goodness! The Boston Bruins came into Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals ready to destroy the Vancouver Canucks and swept them 4 to 0! To the relief of all Preds fans, we were very happy to see the Canucks go yet another year (make that 40) without the Stanley Cup.

It was good to see the Bruins play cleanly compared to the Canucks, who fought dirty throughout the playoffs (Preds fans can remember what happened between Weber and Kesler in Game 3 OT… argh!) lose the most important game of their lives. Granted, I am not completely heartless. You could tell the Canucks were very much broken when they lost tonight (I mean come on, this is what every hockey player dreams of), but I don’t like dirty players, either.

So congrats to the Boston Bruins! Thanks for keeping the Stanley Cup out of the hands of Vancouver and I’ll even say congrats for making it to the Stanley Cup finals, Canucks. Tim Thomas MVP!

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