Atlanta to Winnipeg. Not officially official…yet

Still not officially official, but it's pretty much a done deal for Thrasher fans.

Although it’s not officially official (as I’d like to call it), Thrashers fans are coming to terms with the fact that, by next week, the chances of Atlanta still having an NHL team is highly unlikely. As Preds fans, we’ve been placed in that same situation. We understand how it feels to have our team threatened to be shipped back to Canada. Luckily, we had enough fans and backers to stop the process from happened, but sadly for Atlanta, the end of an era is over.

Like I said, it isn’t official yet. The news over this situation has flip flopped back and forth so many times, I can’t even keep track. I wasn’t going to write a post about the Thrashers leaving until I knew for a fact it was true, but from everything I am reading, it looks like the Thrashers are just waiting for someone to announce it.

I feel terrible for loyal Thrashers fans. My heart would be broken if the Predators were sent to Canada (Anywhere – not just Canada). You can read what one Thrashers blogger has to say about his team leaving here at Bird Watchers Anonymous. Reading that blog made me feel really bad for those fans, even if when they did come to Nashville, I always cringed when they yelled during the National Anthem.

It’s a sad day for all hockey fans (except for you residing in Winnipeg), but the fans of the Nashville Predators welcome Thrashers fans to visit Nashville and possibly become fans with us. Hey, we’re all Atlanta Braves fans up here so it makes things even, right?

But in all seriousness, I am very sad to see Atlanta’s team go and I’m even more sad for the fans.

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