Movin’ on Up: Thrashers head North to Winnipeg

True Blue Thrashers fans stand up for their team even in the Georgia heat.

Yes, I am aware I am a day behind. If you follow me on Twitter, you’d know I had a busy day yesterday and by the time I got home, writing a compelling and wonderful blog post about the Thrashers just wasn’t going to happen.

Well, it’s officially official: the Thrashers are heading north to Winnipeg to become the… Jets again? Quite possibly, but considering that’s who the Coyotes used to be, a new name might be in the works. Manitoba Moose?

Many have joked about Atlanta and their newly lost hockey team. Some have wondered if the fine folks of Atlanta, Georgia were even aware there was a hockey team. Guess what? A lot of people did and now they are hockey-less. Of course, it hits close to home considering it was in 2007 when we too almost lost our team to Canada (Hamilton not Winnipeg, Rudy). Sadly, there was nothing true blue Thrashers fans could do to keep their team from heading north.

As Predators fans go, we are curious as to what that means for the future of our conference. Will we stay in the Western Conference or move over to our buddies in the East? Personally, it would be nice to see the Preds move to the Eastern Conference, but the Predators are not the only contenders that could possibly move conferences. We also have Detroit and Columbus. Those details, if a move even happens, will be noted when it comes around.

So now we have a bunch of happy Canadians and a few brokenhearted Southerners missing their hockey team. Congrats, Canada. You’ve done it again.

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