Big Foot. Loch Ness Monster. Lightning Fans.

Come on, you know it's funny!

So I’d rather the Tampa Bay Lightning win over the Boston Bruins, but these ads that the Bruins have been posting all across the city of Boston are quite hilarious. Okay, so I know if this were happening to the Preds, I’d be uberly ticked off. This isn’t about the Predators so it’s funny. You have to admit, the posters are pretty good. Lightning fans have pressured the Bruins to remove the ads, though and I don’t blame them. I know they’d have some nasty ones for the Preds.

You can see more photos here at I like their quote: By a masshole, for the massholes. Nashville should have something catchy like that. Maybe we do and I haven’t come across it. Closest thing I can think of is Pucking Preds.

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