See Ya, Atlanta! Hello Winnipeg?

Are the Thrashers feeling a little crowded in the ATL?

Welp, tomorrow is the big day for the Atlanta Thrashers… or so we think it is. Speculation is going around that the Thrashers might be moving North to Winnipeg due to lack of sales and a fanbase in Atlanta. I would beg the differ, but I am not an NHL big wig so my opinions are worthless (except here, of course). The heat has been on both the Thrashers and the Phoenix Coyotes lately on which team would make the move. Unfortunately for Southern hockey, it is looking like Atlanta will be the chosen team to move on to Winnipeg. To add insult to injury, even the Thrashers’ owner doesn’t see hope for the team. Looks like to me, Winnipeg is desperate for a hockey club. Is Canada getting nervous since they haven’t been to the Stanley Cup in… how long has it been? Yea, let’s not go there.

With ATL leaving (if they end up doing so), what does that mean for the Predators? Well, anyone who owns a map knows that Winnipeg is not anywhere near where the Eastern Conference line ends so the most logical thing would be that the Preds and the Winnipeg (insert new team name) would switch conferences, bringing the Preds over to play with the likes of the Bruins, Penguins, & the Hurricanes. This would be a huge step for the Predators franchise since, as we all know, the Eastern Conference isn’t as competitive as the West (some may think otherwise, but we all know the truth) and the Preds would fair much better. However, the Preds have just started making a name for themselves in the brutal Western Conference. Would we want to lose it now? Most people I’ve asked have said, without any doubt, yes. I don’t blame them, either. The Preds would do awesome in the East.

But again, we are not 100% sure that the Thrashers will be moving to Canada tomorrow. Heck, it could be some team out of left field that gets shipped off. Doubt it, but it seems to me it’s 90% Thrashers, 10% Coyotes. Although I would hate for a Southern team to move, it could help the Preds in the long run by moving to the Eastern Conference.

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