Preds take Canucks in Double Overtime 2-1

The Preds came out playing much better tonight compared to Thursday’s game. The first period reminded me of Game 1 with no score going into the 2nd. However, Vancouver’s Burrows slipped one passed Pekka in the 2nd, sending the Canucks leading 1 over the Preds into the 3rd. Luckily, a much needed goal by Suter at 18:53 tied the game, sending it into overtime and then into double overtime. Thanks to Matt Halischuk’s goal at 14:51 in the 2nd overtime, the Preds squeezed by the Canucks 2-1. I don’t think my voice will ever recover, by the way. Hand Pekka the Veniza because he cannot be stopped. If you watched the whole game tonight or just caught the highlights on Sports Center, you know how valuable Mr. Rinne was to the Preds tonight. Pekka, like Thursday game, was the star of tonight’s game. Although I am equally proud of all of the guys tonight and the way they played, Pekka had some amazing saves and moves that would put any gymnast to shame. He is definitely the most important aspect to the Predators and luckily, he always seems to bring his A-Game. However, I must admit that Roberto Luongo (Ludwig, as I affectionately call him) is pretty good himself and was also named a star of the game. The Canucks are going to give the Preds a run for their money during this match up, but the Preds have shown a determination and heart that the Canucks cannot compete with. Look out, Shamu… the Predators don’t take prisoners.

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