Devoted fans brave the heat to welcome their team home

Crispy high-fives and entertains the fans as he always does.

I have about fifteen hundred pictures of the players walking through the crowd, but this one of Crispy (Terry Crisp, Predators announcer) is by far my favorite. Fans turned out in droves to welcome their team home Sunday afternoon from their 4-3 win over the Canucks in Vancouver Saturday night. Unlike last Sunday, the players were definitely ready to see their adoring fans as they departed from the plane. Also unlike last Sunday, the number of fans that came to the event tripled in number from the first event. From yesterday’s event, it is clear that Preds fans “Believe” in their team and have faith that they [the players] can storm passed the Canucks to win the series. I mean, come on! Of course we believe in Smashville! It was also very clear the team had their heads in the game and came out roaring in Saturday’s game. Preds fans definitely hope to see that same enthusiasm and fight in tonight’s game, which starts at 7pm CT. The Preds haven’t won a game at home in this series yet, but even with refs that are determined to watch us fail and a player named Kesler who is the biggest *bleep* head in the hockey league (Oh yea, Sidney Crosby; he even tops you), the Preds just won’t go down without a fight. So, for the fans that were able to slip out of Mama’s house without being noticed and were able to welcome the Preds home yesterday, I had better see all of you at the game tonight. If not, I better hear you cheering through your TVs!

Oh yes, Instead of blowing up this post with large pictures from yesterday’s event, please visit my examiner page to see a slideshow of photos. There is a very nice one of Mr. Mike Fisher and I somehow got Joel Ward to look at the camera!

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