Predators vs. Canucks

Predators/Canucks Schedule

Predators vs. Canucks

Predators vs. Canucks

Yes, that is not the typical Canucks logo, but I much prefer the Canadian logger head rather  than an angry Shamu. Any who, the schedule for the Second Round of the Playoffs has been released and, if you haven’t seen it yet, I have it listed! Now, this is Central time and the times could change due to broadcasting conflicts and whatnot. Will I be surprised? Not really, but I do like seeing 8pm games rather than 9:30pm (An hour and a half makes a world of difference for my sleep pattern).

Game #1: Thursday, April 28th @ 8pm – at Vancouver LOST (Van 1, Nash 0)
 Well, Pekka was definitely the key player in tonight’s game. Strangely, I am not devastated by this loss, but I am not happy about it, either. Pekka had 29 saves, but it took just that one to hand the game to Vancouver. Head coach Barry Trotz was quoted saying he was, “really disappointed in our forwards as a whole.” Now we see the Canucks are ready to go; let’s hope the Preds take the same proceeders on Saturday.
Game #2: Saturday, April 30th @ 8pm – at Vancouver WON (NASH 2, VAN 1 – 2OT)
 If you missed that game, you have lost your mind! Trotzie definitely gave the Preds an ear full before the game because the guys simply played better. Although the game started out similar to Game 1, Ryan Suter reminded the Canucks the Preds were still ready to fight with his goal at 18:53 in the 3rd, sending it into overtime. The guys fought hard and sent the game into a second overtime and, at 14:51, Matt Halischuk scored the winning goal. With the awesome plays by the guys (minus a few mishaps) the best player of the game, yet again, was Pekka Rinne. He brought his A-Game once again to help propel the Preds to their first win of this series. Thank goodness! We’ll see ya at home, boys!
Game #3: Tuesday, May 3rd @ TBA – at Home LOST (VAN 3, NASH 2 – OT)
 Game #4: Thursday, May 5th @ TBA – at Home LOST (VAN 4, NASH 2)
Game #5: Saturday, May 7th @ 7pm – at Vancouver WON (NASH 4, VAN 3)
Game #6: Monday, May 9th @ 7pm – at Home LOST (VAN 2, NASH 1) END OF SERIES
Game #7: Wednesday, May 11th @TBA – at Vancouver
I’ll update the times and whatnot once they are announced. Let’s hope we don’t have to worry about a game number 7. Heck, let’s hope we don’t have to worry about a game number 5 – 7! That would be fantastic. We’ll see how that plays out tomorrow night as the Predators take on the Canucks in Vancouver at 8pm!


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