Welcome to the Newly Launched Lady Preds!

Hey Preds fans!

Thanks for checking out the newly launched Lady Preds website, a purely fan-based blog dedicated to Smashville’s home team, the Nashville Predators! Now, don’t let the name fool you; these ladies know their hockey! Also, you don’t just have to be a girl to visit this site, we just wanted to let the women of Smashville know we have a site for you! We also want feedback from you, too! With this being a brand new site, we could use all the opinions we can get from both ladies and men Preds fans alike! We will frequently ask the fans who is your favorite player, why they are your favorite, and hopefully (!) start contests and giving away Preds items! Now, I know the season is almost over (let’s pray the Preds get passed the first round this year) but Smashville still exists even in the off season!

I hope we can provide you guys with interesting and exclusive Preds information and news and that you will refer us to all of your blog-loving friends! Thanks again, guys and don’t forget, we would definitely love all of your opinions on how to make the site a better and more user-friendly blog!

Thanks and GO PREDS!!

Lady Preds

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