Preds reveal Gold Helmets; Reactions are Expected

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The Predators main color is gold – everyone knows this. But where does one draw the line on the amount of gold needed? The franchise had mentioned several times in the recent past that gold helmets were in the realm of possibilities for this upcoming season and the first pictures of them came out in early August. Questions were raised then, but we all figured, “Let’s wait until we see it on a player”.


The tweet above was the first (that I saw) go out to announce the new, festive color change. Personally, I am not sure how I feel. Do I like them? Not particularly. Do I hate them? No, not really. As most can recall, the fan base didn’t jump on board with the gold jerseys right away, either. It took some growing time. Shortly after posting this first picture, the Predators posted a clearer, better lit photo of Colin Wilson sporting the new helmet:

…But fans and bloggers alike weren’t sold and took to Twitter to voice their opinions:

Nothing too terrible (and trust me, I searched “preds” & “helmets” on Twitter and when you search for anything on Twitter, you are asking for trouble), but for the most part the consensus is dislike. However, it was mentioned that these may look good on the white away jerseys, which I agree.

But don’t freak out if you are a fan of the navy helmets. These golden beauties are only going to be out and about during Saturday home games this season. So take a deep breath.

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