Infograph: 2013-14 Shea Weber

Yea, I’m the quiet blogger during the summer months when it comes to hockey (if you are just now figuring that out). That doesn’t mean I am not thinking about hockey; oh no. This brain of mine is hockey-filled, I just leave the other bloggers to the nitty-gritty during the off-season. …Unless something major happens.

Any who, you’ve probably already checked out the “mini” infograph (as I so lovingly call it) on Shea Weber. You likey? Whether you do or not, I will be putting more of these out before the season starts just to reflect on some numbers and/or facts from last season. Why don’t you just type it all out, you ask? Because I am obsessed with infographs and this gives me a chance to enhance my graphic skills and cover hockey, too.

Feel free to “pin” this to your Pinterest board, ladies (and gentlemen), but please do not crop out the bottom. Credit is given where credit is do. Plus, I’ve stuck hidden @Lady_Preds script throughout the image, so there’s no use.

But please enjoy this as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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