Preds Update: Fisher ready for Coyotes, SK74 Iffy

Mike is ready for Phoenix, but SK74's condition is still in the air.

The Predators just released news on the condition of players Mike Fisher and Sergei Kostitsyn and their status for tomorrow’s game against the Phoenix Coyotes.

Fisher, who actually suffered from a mild concussion from Francois Beauchemin’s hit last Saturday against the Ducks, has shaken his injury and is ready to get back on the ice tomorrow night. Fisher was actually the player everyone assumed would be heading to IR, but everyone was blind-sided by the news of Nick Spaling going that route (he, too was hurt during the Ducks game last Saturday). “It looks like I’ll be good to go tomorrow,” Mike was quoted as saying today on his ice time tomorrow.

Sergei Kostitsyn’s condition, on the other hand, is still iffy after suffering a hit against the boards last Thursday against the Lightning. Although his injury did not look too serious, Sergei has been weary about returning to the ice, wanting to make sure he is 100% before heading back out. Coach Trotz said that SK74’s return will be a game-time decision, which usually means he will be definitely good to go by Saturday night, when the Predators take on those Dirty Ducks in Anaheim.

It’s good to see Mike Fisher ready to hit the ice after only one game. It was almost certain he would be out and possibly placed on IR after that hit on Saturday. By the way, for all of those asking, Beauchemin and Perry were not suspended due to their actions in Saturday’s game. Beauchemin’s hit was ruled legal contact with Fisher’s shoulder (not his head) and Perry’s was pretty much overlooked (as usual). Hopefully Kostitsyn will be ready to go tomorrow night, for he and Fisher together were looking pretty good!

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