Weber Watch Over: Shea signs 1 Year, $7.5M Contract

Well, it's about *beep* time!

Finally, Weber Watch 2011 is over and done with, relieving every single Predators fan (and even non-fans alike) in existence. If you have been living in a hole for the last few weeks (months, let’s be honest) and you have no idea what “Weber Watch 2011” is/was, first off, consider yourself very lucky. In fact, I was this close *pinches fingers together* to not even bothering writing on this because it irritated me to the point of no return (I even avoiding Twitter so I didn’t have to see this whole debacle). Second, if you have no idea what this was, well…


In a nutshell, The Nashville Predators (David Poile) and Shea Weber (Shea’s agent) couldn’t agree on a new contract and sent the whole mess into arbitration. Now, what has most people in an uproar is the fact that David Poile had quite a long time to get all of this in order, but it seemed as if he kept putting it off, thus throwing it into arbitration. However, not all the blame has to rest upon Poile’s shoulders, but it feels so much better to throw the blame on someone.

Essentially, The Preds offered Weber $4.75 million, but Shea and his agent wanted $8 million. Do the Predators feel that Shea’s only worth $4.75 million? Absolutely not, but looking at the deal from a business standpoint, you must understand that the Predators are indeed a business and by saving any money possible is definitely number one on the agenda. However, I do have to say they (and Weber’s agent) took it way too far in their disagreements and frustrated quite a number of people.

So (again in a nutshell) both sides are equally to blame in this situation. The two sides kept pushing and pushing until it was do or die time (arbitration). Luckily, the two sides have settled on a one year, $7.5 million contract.

The new question, now that this debacle is all over and done with, how does this situation affect Shea Weber and his relationship with the Predators? Some say everything will go back to normal and all will be forgiven, but others feel as if this will always be a lingering nightmare in the back of everyone’s minds that could return and rear its ugly head in the future.

But let’s all just agree to disagree and come to terms with the fact that we did not, in the end, lose our beloved Captain and enjoy this coming season. Hopefully this will be the last dramatized moment this season, but we all know this will probably start all over again next year.

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