Concussion-related Symptoms sideline Bouillon again

Will we start wondering who Bouillon is, just like Lombardi?

Okay, so I haven’t updated in a while and I sincerely apologize! I am trying to get used to my new work schedule (8-4:30), which is absolutely nice, but bedtime calls around 9ish for me (getting old) so I haven’t had a chance to fill everyone in about hockey news. Luckily, you have OnTheForecheck and everyone else! Any who, let’s get down to business about Bouillon:

Well, this isn’t exactly the best news I wanted to start off from my little hiatus, but it looks like Francis Bouillon, who suffered a concussion back on January 16th against the Blackhawks (and was starting to get better, mind you), has stopped all workouts and training, due to his concussion-related symptoms returning. Eek.

Concussion have to be one of the worst, if not the worst, occurrences in hockey (or any sport at that) because of the way the symptoms simply disappear, then can resurface at any given moment, risking both the player’s health and professional career. Take Matthew Lombardi, for example: The Predators were so excited and proud of their trade for Lombardi and knew he’d be an unstoppable force for the team. However, Lombardi was sidelined with a concussion in his second game, leaving him useless for the remaining season and post-season. Sadly, the Predators knew that, although Lombardi could recover and would be a great player, the risks were too high and they traded him. As you can see from given example, concussions are not fun to deal with… at all.

Well, for the teams sake and for Bouillon’s health, we hope he has a speedy recovery and returns by September for preseason action (It’s looking like we are going to need him, as of right now). As I said before, however, concussions are not set in stone and due to that, it makes for one giant mess that keeps everyone in uncertainty-mode.

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