Preds sign Zack Stortini, Kyle Wilson

Left: Kyle Wilson of the Blue Jackets, Right: Zack Stortini of the Oilers, kicking butt.

Hooray! David Poile signed two new forwards! Let’s welcome Kyle Wilson from the Columbus Blue Jackets and Zack Stortini of the Edmonton Oilers. However, are these two worth it for the Preds?

Zack Stortini has been playing with the Edmonton Oilers since he was drafted by in 2003, but this past season he found himself demoted to the minors. In the words of Scooby Doo, “Rut roh…” Okay, that doesn’t mean he’s absolutely terrible, but it does send some fans into panic mode. It’s apparent we aren’t going to score a “Ryan Kesler” or “Martin St. Louis”, but let’s not count Stortini out just yet. Although he will probably be sent to the Admirals for a while, there’s no doubt he will be called up. Let’s wait until the season starts.

Now on to Kyle Wilson:
Another player to spend most of his time in the minors, Kyle Wilson was drafted by the Minnesota Wild back in 2004, but was sent to the Capitals (where he played in two games) and then off to where we found him at the Columbus Blue Jackets. Wilson mainly stayed with the Springfield Falcons (the Blue Jackets’ minor league affiliate), but he did some impressive playing while called up to Columbus (let’s just say 11 points in only 32 games. That’s pretty good, indeed). We are thinking he will probably start out in Milwaukee like Stortini, but he might dawn a Preds jersey more often than not.

So will these two help the Predators or just help Milwaukee? We are hoping for the first option, but we can only wait and see when the season starts in the fall. Let’s hope Poile picked some diamonds in the rough!

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