Lombardi, Franson traded to Maple Leafs

Cody Franson and Matthew Lombardi are off to Toronto... so who did we get?

Okay, I’m a little behind about addressing this news, but I was busy enjoying my freedom yesterday and my power decided to go out today until about 20 minutes ago so do bare with me in being late.

As you may have read from other blogs, Matthew Lombardi and Cody Franson have been traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs for defenseman Brett Lebda and a minor leaguer by the name of Robert Slaney. Sadly, it seems Toronto fans are jumping for joy and laughing at the Predators for taking Lebda, which makes Preds fans worry even more. That, and Slaney has never seen ice time on an NHL level, leaving some to wonder why we traded two NHLers for a laughable defenseman and a minor leaguer?

Many believe this trade is leading to something huge under Poile’s belt. Let’s hope that is the truth considering Franson did pretty well this past season and well, Lombardi is a different story. We are sad to see Cody Franson go and, although we didn’t see him but during two games, we’ll miss Lombardi and what he could have done for the team.

Good luck with the Maple Leafs, boys. Let’s hope our two new members will be just what we need to go after the Cup next year.

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