Preds to take charge in Round 2 of NHL Draft

As you know, the 2011 NHL Draft started today and, in case you didn’t know, the Preds did not get to choose in the first round. Now why is that? Well, if you can remember that we gave up our 1st Round pick for a one Mike Fisher from the Ottawa Senators back in the Spring (You know, the guy over to the right on the side bar). Now that the season’s over and done with, I’d say we made a very good decision picking up Mr. Fisher and we should make up some lost ground in the 2nd Round, where the Preds will have both #38 and #52 spots.

Also from tonight’s 1st Round, we saw that the new Winnipeg club officially revealed their name (as if anyone did not know at this point) as the Winnipeg Jets (surprise, surprise). Another surprise will come tomorrow night as the Predators are expected to reveal their new jerseys (oops, that hidden gem leaked, too). Okay, so no new news will come except for who drafts who basically.

How has everyone handled the draft thus far? Any major trades or drafts no one saw coming? Some were afraid the Preds and another team might strike up a deal tonight, especially since Poile was on the phone several times. Alas, no trades or deals tonight for the Preds, which is not a bad thing.

As of now, the Predators have eight picks remaining including the two in the 2nd Round. I’ll try to update the site as much as possible; I am a bridesmaid in a wedding tomorrow. If anything, I’ll write a quick little post until I get back home!

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