Is this the new Predators Jersey?!

That color is way passed yellow. I think it may be reflective at this point.

This picture was just posted by Marc Torrence of on his Twitter of what we believe is the new Predators jersey for this upcoming season. As we all assumed (and knew) the color is a nice, bright yellow. More photos are certain to emerge now that one has surfaced and then we will be able to see details such as the possible guitar pick logo on the shoulder. Personally, I am not for the bright yellow jersey, but the away one (white) doesn’t look half bad!

How do you feel about the look of the new jerseys? Better go buy your 3rd jersey while you still can!

I like this one much better! Can you see the keyboard on the inside of the neck? (Photos courtesy of

Here is a view of the back. (Photo courtesy of

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