Things to Remember: NHL and Predators Summer Dates

Who doesn't miss this face?

Just in case you are starting to get antsy and feel like October can’t come fast enough, well here are some important dates both the NHL and the Predators have put out to help curve your addiction to hockey until the season finally starts back up. If you are wondering when the schedule will be announced for this coming season, you’ll have to wait until the NHL Awards. Section 303 will be in Las Vegas covering the awards show and in St. Paul covering the NHL Draft so don’t forget to visit their site when those dates come around!

JUNE 19 – Deadline for first club-elected arbitration
JUNE 22 – NHL Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada
JUNE 24 – First round of NHL Draft in St. Paul, Minnesota
JUNE 25 – Remainder of rounds of the NHL Draft in St. Paul, Minnesota
JUNE 27 – Predators Rookie Development Camp starts
JUNE 29 – Deadline for tendering qualifying offers to RFA’s
JUNE 30 – 2011-12 salary cap limits
JULY 1 – Free agency begins
JULY 4 – Predators Rookie Development Camp ends
JULY 5 – Deadline for player-elected arbitration
JULY 6 – Deadline for second club-elected
JULY 10 – Predators Dancers 1st Tryouts – 2-5pm @ Bridgestone Arena
JULY 20 – Arbitration hearings start
JULY 24 – Predators Dancers Final Tryouts – 6pm @ Hard Rock Cafe
JULY 30 – Predators Ice Girls Tryouts – 1-3pm @ Centennial Sportsplex
AUGUST 4 – Arbitration hearings end
AUGUST 6 – Deadline for arbitration decisions
SEPTEMBER 12 – Predators rookies report to Rookie Training Camp
SEPTEMBER 15 – Training Camp begins

If any other important Preds or NHL dates pop up, I’ll add them to the list as they are announced, along with the schedule. Also, for the girls trying out, the Ice Girls tryout is completely closed to the public, meaning no creepers can come watch. Same goes for the first tryout for the dancers. However, the final dance tryout is opened to the public, so be prepared to dance in front of a bunch of people (should be used to that anyway, right?)! For more information on tryouts or anything to do with the Preds, just visit the official website. They usually have everything covered pretty well.

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