Burrows Channels Inner Mike Tyson; Bites Bergeron

I'm guessing Burrows forgot to eat dinner and thought Bergeron looked tasty.

As many of you know, I have a certain team I do not like. No, it is not the Red Wings, Penguins, Sharks, what have you. No, it’s the Vancouver Canucks. After their poor sportsmanship against the Predators, I want nothing more than to see them be sent back to Vancouver packing… especially that jerk, Ryan Kesler!

The only reason they are even being mentioned in a post is because of something Alex Burrows decided to do last night during Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals against the Boston Bruins. I watched this game and yes, I was uber pissed when the Canucks scored with 18 seconds left of the game. Well, at one point, Burrows and Bruins’ center Patrice Bergeron got into a heated argument and smashed a Ref in between their little scuffle. I honestly did not notice what Burrows did, but everyone else did. Alex Burrows decided, at that moment, it was a good idea to channel his inner Mike Tyson and chomp down on Bergeron’s right index finger.

Really? You really felt the need to bite him? I guess if some guy his sticking his stinky glove in my face and my hands were being restrained by a Ref I’d use my teeth, too. You have to admit though, Burrows must have bitten him really hard to get through that glove. Maybe Burrows just forgot to eat dinner that night. The world may never know, but the Canuck is claiming he did not bite the Bruin.

“I don’t think so,’’ he said, when asked if he bit Patrice Bergeron. “I think he had his finger in my mouth. I don’t think I bit him. He put his hand up, he put it in the other guy’s face, and a finger got in my mouth. That’s what happened.’’

Well Burrows, that’s one of those things that either happened or didn’t happen. That, and video doesn’t lie (if you have the right angles, of course). Anyway, Mr. Mike Tyson is looking at a possible suspension for this little canuck/killer whale stunt. I wouldn’t mind him being suspended (of course not, I don’t like the Canucks) and I’m not saying that because I think it would help the Bruins win. After watching last night’s game, it is obvious the Bruins can handle the Canucks. In fact, I honestly think it comes down between both goalies. Roberto Luongo (Canucks) is an amazing goalie, but I think Tim Thomas (possibly Captain America) is just as good (or at least, last night he definitely proved himself worthy of a Stanley Cup). As a Boston Red Sox fan, I already kind of like the Bruins, so to see them kick the Canucks to the curb, I’d be mucho happy. Not nearly as happy as I would have been to see the Preds knock them out, but close.

Well, here’s to Game 2 – May Burrows be suspended, Hamhuis be scratched, and Thomas be angered.

Terrible video, but I like the Canadian guys talking about it. Also, it’s pretty clear Burrows thought Bergeron’s finger was a Twix.

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