Preds Acquire 3rd-Round Pick for Vesey Rights


Image Source: Elsa/Getty Images

Not that any Predators fan is upset by this, but Nashville and the Buffalo Sabres organization came to an agreement this afternoon to trade the rights of Jimmy Vesey for a 3rd-round pick in this year’s NHL Draft.

Vesey, who won the 2016 Hobey Baker Memorial Award (presented to the outstanding collegiate hockey player), was drafted 66th overall by the Nashville Predators in the 2012 NHL Draft and was going to be quite the star forward for Music City…

Until right around the 2016 NHL trade deadline. To avoid beating a dead horse, basically it came down to a he said/she said conundrum. GM David Poile was claiming that Vesey and his agent (and his dad) agreed to join the Predators organization, while Vesey’s side was claiming the opposite. Either way, it rubbed Predators fans wrong, which it honestly should have. Probably not to the lengths that some people went to, but it’s always slightly embarrassing and frustrating when you have a player that decides he doesn’t want to play for your chosen organization. It may have just been business, but nobody likes to feel rejected.

Anyways, Buffalo now has Vesey’s rights, which is now their issue to work with while Nashville gains a 3rd-round pick. Who knows, Vesey may choose to sign with Buffalo, due in part to fellow Bostonian Jack Eichel being on the roster. Whatever happens, both Nashville and Buffalo have much to smile about and that is always good business. The 2016 NHL Draft will be held June 24th-25th in – surprise – Buffalo, New York.

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