Mike Ribeiro & Wife Settle Lawsuit


Late yesterday afternoon, Mike Ribeiro and his wife settled out-of-court with his former nanny that he was accused of sexually assaulting when she was a teenager. Though the terms of the settlement were not disclosed, Ribeiro’s lawyer did make a statement to the Nashville Post regarding his client:

“This civil matter has been amicably resolved without incurring further time-consuming and potentially costly litigation,” Ribeiro’s attorney, Brian Lauten of Dallas’ Deans & Lyon, said in a statement to NashvillePost.com. “I am unable to discuss any of the elements of this confidential resolution. Mike looks forward to continuing to play hockey at a high level and looks forward to aggressively pursuing a Stanley Cup alongside his teammates. The Ribeiro family will not have any further comments on this matter.”

Shortly after Ribeiro’s lawyer’s statement, the Predators also released a remark of their own:

“The organization understands Mike Ribeiro has resolved his civil case. We are pleased that Mike and his family can focus on their future and we will have no further comment.”

So there you have it. Ribeiro has been exonerated from this lawsuit, but the question is, “Has this incident tarnished his reputation and possible future within the league?” Perhaps not with Nashville (organization), but possibly for other teams in case he seeks greener pastures elsewhere. Also, the fans that so quickly turned their pitch forks against him, are they willing to let this go or will they stubbornly hold onto pride?

You can read more details of this case over at OntheForcheck.com.


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