NSH Reassigns Mazanec to Milwaukee

Source: Claus Andersen/Getty Images North America

I’m going to go ahead and say this now: Don’t get too excited. He isn’t returning to the Admirals because Pekka has been miraculously healed and is jumping at the chance to return. First off, there’s the All-Star break and Pekka will not be participating whatsoever in that party. Second, the Admirals have a game tonight and Friday night, so Mazanec is looking at some ice time. There’s a good chance he’ll make his recall to Nashville at the end of the All-Star break.

Don’t get down in the dumps, either. with Rinne, you never know; he just isn’t the type of guy that lingers on an injury.

Also, for future reference, when searching for photos of “Mazanec”, make sure you add Marek to the search because this:
breadFor Mazanec is a sweet bread served at Easter. The more you know.

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