A Baby Weber


Per a recent interview from Fox 17-Nashville, Shea Weber and his wife welcomed a tiny Weber into the family over the off-season. You can read the article here: www.m.fox17.com/sports/Shea_Weber_becomes_a_proud_papa (if the link isn’t working, check out our Facebook page — it has it on there). Now, the article doesn’t go into much detail, as Weber didn’t want to make a huge deal out of it. It’s a wonder how the news did not get out beforehand, especially after the news broke regarding teammate Mike Fisher and his wife, Carrie Underwood’s, bun in the oven. However, Mrs. Weber isn’t Country Royalty and doesn’t have a cult following — that we know of — to answer to. Of course, there is no way their pregnancy could be kept a secret — oh the woes of the limelight, am I right? As I mentioned, Weber didn’t go into specifics, just mentioning off hand that a baby had been welcomed to the family with no word on whether it was a boy or girl (or even a human at all — it could be a “fur baby” for all we know). Any who, congratulations to our Captain and his lovely wife on the new bundle of joy!

Note: The picture above is NOT the actual Weber baby. I just lucked upon an image on Thinkstock.com of a baby on a hockey glove. Cool beans!

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