Bobby Butler traded for Florida’s T.J. Brennan


The off-season can bring relief when it comes to roster moves (ex. Roman Josi signing a seven-year contract), but it also reminds us that our favorite players, if in the cross-hairs, can wind up on another team.

Though Bobby Butler wasn’t a fan favorite that ripped a few holes in the hearts of the fan base (Tootoo… Suter…), he still made a significant impact with the Predators during his short period with the organization after being snatched off of waivers.

So, who did Nashville get for Mr. Butler? How about a young, 24-year-old left-handed defenseman named T.J. Brennan. Don’t let young fool you, though; Brennan had two straight 41-point seasons with the St. John’s Fog Devils in 2006-07 and 2007-08. Per reports, the kid has a tremendous slam shot and, at 6″1, 213 lbs., the kid can knock a few folks around. Brennan is still a RFA, but if the Predators can get him signed, he could make a huge impact if not for Nashville right off the bat, but definitely in Milwaukee with the Admirals.

We’ll say this – Poile made a decent and relatively smart move today.


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