Brian McGrattan goes on Waivers

Source: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Say it isn’t so! The Nashville Predators have placed Right Winger and all-around loved Brian McGrattan on waivers late this morning.

This doesn’t come too much as a surprise, as McGrattan was sent down to Milwaukee for a two-week condition stint to free up spots for players who could contribute on the NHL level. Not to say that McGrattan was not performing at the NHL level, it comes down to young players chomping at the bit to squeeze into potential roster spots and, if you are not exactly a regular contender (Weber, Marty, Leggy, Klein, etc.), losing your spot is easier than you think.

As Big Ern’s two week conditioning comes to an end, Nashville either had the choice of: A) booting someone else to bring him back up to Nashville, or C) be placed on waivers and take the chance of no one nabbing him.

Worry not, Big Ern fans – the rest of the league has until 11AM CST to nab the enforcer or the Predators can then assign him to the Milwaukee Admirals roster.

McGrattan is a well-loved player and took the place of the hole that was left in many fans’ hearts when Tootoo tucked tail to Detroit over the off-season. No matter the outcome, McGrattan has settled well amongst the Predators fans and, if he does happen to be picked off of waivers by another team, he will always be welcomed in Nashville for certain.

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