2012 Best of Nashville – Vote for Us?

Come on! You know you love us!

Okay, okay – We don’t want to nag you wonderful, gorgeous (handsome, if you’re a guy), generous readers, but at this moment, we’re going to.

Do you love us? Please, take a moment to leave our site and visit the Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville website to vote for us as ‘Best Sports Blog’! We know you have tons of other choices out there; some more accurate than ours, post faster at odd hours of the night, and have their credentials. Well, we do work for a living and do this solely because we are dedicated and diehard hockey fans, but we determined to give you the must up-to-date information on the Nashville Predators (and hockey in general) as it is presented. We also take pride in making sure we get the facts before blowing up the blogging world (okay, okay – we’ve been wrong before – we’re human, too!).

Any who, enough of our begging and pleading. You can vote for us here
Don’t forget to write-in ‘Lady Preds’ as your choice!

Even if you don’t vote, we appreciate all our dedicate followers and readers. Again, we’re just hockey fans, plan and simple. We make no money from this blog, no sponsors. Just our love for hockey and the fact we just can’t get enough of it is what drives us to maintain this blog.

So again, beautiful, charming, loving readers – vote for us?

How can you say no to these faces?

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