Local Radio Station Employee sues Predators

After the excitement of signing Shea Weber, all has been relatively quiet on the home front for the Nashville Predators. Well, or so we thought.

The Nashville City Paper released a story today that Adam Davis, better known to the Nashville community as Intern Adam of 107.5 The River, is suing the Nashville Predators for a incident that occured during a practice run for a on-ice promotion.

Per the statement Davis made to the newspaper, he suffered a broken ankle, was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center where doctors inserted screws into his ankles. Davis is suing due to the fact the Predators did not specify how dangerous the stunt was and that he did not sign a waiver.

If anyone has ever seen this “human hockey puck” stunt, you can tell just by looking at it something could go wrong; I mean, it is humans and ice, right? The chance of the Nashville Predators not having him sign a waiver is almost comical, but evidence will present itself in due time.

Once more information about the incident is released, we will update you with more information. Until then, here is the video of the accident in all its glory. Keep in mind, the Predators employees told Intern Adam to keep his feet tucked in…

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