From Weber Watch to Poile Watch: Matching Philly’s Offer Sheet or Not

How will not matching Philly’s offer impact Nashville’s young franchise?

As you all know by now, the Philadelphia Flyers have offered up a 14-year, $110 million offer sheet to the Nashville Predators captain yesterday, with the news hitting the media outlets at 12:30AM CST this morning. Unfortunately, some of us work 9-5 and are asleep at that time in the morning, so we are just now sitting down to gather all the facts of today’s shindig in order.

David Poile (Predators General Manager) as but two options: Match Philadelphia’s offer or let Philly have Weber.
Simple, right? In a fan’s perspective, um yes; very simple. However, trying to look at it from the outside in, we can see why Poile might want a moment to reflect on the perpetual decision he is about to make… but will he flake like times before?

After losing two of the biggest names in franchise history, with Suter signing with the Minnesota Wild and Jordin Tootoo signing with the awful Detroit Red Wings, Nashville can’t afford to lose yet another face of the franchise in one off-season. Not only will it take a toll on the team, it will also be a huge blow to the fan base. Loyal Predators fans will back the team no matter what, but after losing big names to bigger franchises and players avoiding Nashville as a whole, eventually even the loyalist of fans get the wind knocked out of their sails.

It’s pretty clear the Predators need to match Philadelphia’s offer and, if worse comes to worse, trade Weber after a season and gain a whole team of draft picks with it. If Nashville just lets Weber go to Philly now, all the franchise will get is four 1st round draft picks for next year’s draft. That sounds okay, right? Wrong. That couldn’t be more of a 50/50 chance of good luck vs. bad luck. Just because you are a first rounder doesn’t mean you’ll end up being a Sidney Crosby or a Steven Stamkos. Heck, look at Patric Hornqvist, for instance.

The clock is ticking for Poile and the Predators and, what’s funny, is that the Philadelphia Flyers were able to sign Shea Weber within a month what has taken David Poile almost two years to do. All kidding aside, by signing an offer sheet, Shea Weber is openly saying to David Poile that he is wanting to speed the signing process and make a career-long agreement, wether Nashville wants it or not. Weber would not have signed the offer if he wasn’t willing to play fourteen years with the Predators, so don’t assume he wants out.

Seven days. Wednesday night at 11:30PM. That’s all David Poile has to decide wether or not to match Philadelphia’s offer. Will he take that much time? Let’s hope not. Though we will never GMs of a professional sports team by any means, when you weigh the factors, to advance your franchise in the best way possible, there’s only one choice:


Photo courtesy of: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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