Home Ice Advantage & 4th Position Rewarded to Nashville

Celebrate good times, COME ON!

For once, we thank you, Chicago Blackhawks. Thanks to Chicago’s 3-2 win over Detroit just a few moments ago, the Predators have now clinched the 4th position in the playoffs AND (AND!!) home ice advantage! Phew!

Not that the Predators couldn’t have made it far starting out away, but home ice can make or break a team’s outlook on a playoff series. So yes, home ice is very nice… and for the fans, of course! Now who will the Predators take on first? Well, it’s going to be the Detroit Red Wings. No need to panic, the Predators could knock out any team in the Western Conference if they can focus and keep their minds on the game. This is actually the first time in franchise history the Predators have come out with more points at the end of the season than the Detroit Red Wings. The potiential that the Predators have is outstanding… now if only they can grasp their talent and find confidence in it.

The NHL Playoff Schedule will be released tomorrow at 12PM CT and when it becomes available, you will see it here.Again, rarely will we EVER thank another Central Division team for winning, but Chicago did Nashville a huge favor by knocking off Detroit.So what does that mean for the fans? Please, please, PLEASE go out and buy your playoff tickets! #KeeptheRedOut is trending throughout the Twitter world, as we do not want the Red Wings fans taking over the Bridgestone, similar to what happened when Chicago came to town a few Saturdays ago…

Until then,

(Photo credit: John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images)

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