Predators find Win at Home over Anaheim, 3-2

Predators salute fans after their win against Anaheim on Saturday night.

The Predators finally broke the home losing streak Saturday night as the home team welcomed the ever-so-lovely Anaheim Ducks Saturday night to the Bridgestone Arena. After losing the last four home games, the Predators, still high from their win in Columbus two nights before, knew losing to (of all teams) the Ducks at home was not going to happen.

As we all know, the Ducks aren’t exactly Nashville’s favorite team and sadly, this is there last trip to our great city for the rest of the regular season. In fact, we won’t be seeing our good friends from Disneyland until March 18th. So for the Predators to seal their third win of the season against the Ducks has hopefully left the team on a good note to face the Flames, who venture here from Canada tomorrow.


  • Jonathon Blum was the healthy scratch for the night, with Blake Geoffrion still hanging out with an injury.
  • Jordin Tootoo made his debut against the Ducks after his controversial 2-Game suspension after colliding with Buffalo’s goalie, Ryan Miller a week before. It was clear he and the fans were ready for his return, for they gave him a standing ovation on the announcement of his name.
  • The Predators maintained control of the game throughout the first period, blocking the Ducks from getting but one shot on the goal for the first fifteen minutes. That’s the team we like to see!
  • Brian McGrattan and George Parros continued their dislike for one another, putting up the dukes at 2:36 into the 1st Period. Both men got some good swings in, but eventually, the refs pulled the two apart and the two skated off to the penalty box. Here’s the video:
  • Colin Wilson looked to score the first goal of the night for the Predators, but was deemed by Toronto that Wilson made a “distinct kicking motion” with his foot, thus no goal (You cannot kick a puck in the goal – not soccer here). Of course, watching the review video, it’s clear he did not kick it, but it did deflect off his foot, which was at an angle, therefore officials claim he kicked it. The Ducks would then strike first with 38 seconds left in the first to take the lead.
  • Mike Fisher shot the puck passed Dan Ellis to score the first goal for the Predators, but alas, like Colin’s, Mike’s was waved off due to the ref supposedly blowing the whistle before the puck hit the back of the net.
  • Also during the first, Francis Bouillon gets tripped by Andrew Gordon, which sends Frankie slamming into the boards. Gordon was sent to the box for tripping and Bouillon teetered back to the bench, but did not go to the locker room.
  • Predators favorite Duck Dan Ellis was starting goalie for the night, spiking those on Twitter to post nice, charming tweets with the hashtag #DanEllisProblems. If you are unaware of the Predators issue with Mr. Ellis, well it’s a long story, but to put it short, he used to be our goalie (starter over Peks) but he just wasn’t happy with his paycheck. Preds said adios, made Peks the starter, and Ellis whined and complained about how bad Nashville was. Don’t pull a Dan Hamhuis, Mr. Dan Ellis; Nashville doesn’t play nice for nasty former players. Needless to say, Ellis had to put up a hard fight against the Predators, and surprisingly, he did make some pretty key saves. Not nearly enough, though… sorry. #DanEllisProblems
  • Nick Spaling tied the Predators with the Ducks at one at 12:03 in the 2nd, with a nice pass from Colin Wilson. Jordin Tootoo also assisted in that goal.
  • The second period saw no goals, but Roman Josi would send the Predators up by one when he got his first NHL career goal at 2:33 on the Nashville PP with assistance from Captain Shea Weber and Martin Erat.
  • Mike Fisher did something extra rare Saturday night as he and Bobby Ryan dropped gloves and started throwing punches. Fisher isn’t a player with a hot temper, so for him to drop the gloves is pretty rare. In fact, the most fights Fisher has ever had in a regular season is four, which was back in the 2002-2003 season. Otherwise, Fisher faced between one and two fights since the 2003-2004 season. Okay, so we exaggerate when we say he and Ryan threw punches because, if you watch the video, Bobby Ryan hits the ice before Fisher can really do anything. Carrie seemed to enjoy it, though!
  • Jordin Tootoo revived himself from his 2-Game suspension and scored the game winning goal for the Predators at 5:25 in the 3rd, with assistance from (of all the players) Kevin Klein and Jerred Smithson. Yes, you read that correctly and we here at Lady Preds do not hate either one of those guys, but other fans sure have a vendetta against them so it was good to see Klein and Smithson contribute in a positive way!
  • Anaheim would score at 13:24, but the Predators held them off for the remaining minutes and sealed their first home win since November 17th against the Maple Leafs.
  • The Predators well in both shots and lack of penalties Saturday night, out shooting the Ducks 28 to 17 and only finding themselves in the box four times compared to the Ducks who went six times. Here are the Predators who sat out in the box:
  1.  Brian McGrattan – 2:36 1st Period – Fighting (major)
  2. Shea Weber – 16:26 1st Period – Interference
  3. Mike Fisher – 2:44 3rd Period – Fighting (major)
  4. Shea Weber – 6:28 3rd Period – Hooking

Jordin Tootoo definitely made his presence known Saturday, not only assisting the first goal, but scoring the game-winning goal. We are glad that his suspension is over and that it was only two games (one of which the Preds lost). With this game, the Predators are now on a home stretch, welcoming the Calgary Flames to Nashville tomorrow. We leave you with a photo of a very happy Jordin Tootoo, celebrating with the fans after Nashville’s awesome win against the Ducks.

What a happy Jordin Tootoo!


BREAKING: As of today (Monday, December 12th), Jonathon Blum, who was a healthy scratch for Saturday’s game, has now been sent down to Milwaukee. It is due to the fact Roman Josi has seemed to have found his groove in the NHL so Blum will be replaced (for the time being) with Roman Josi.

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