Two Game Suspension for Jordin Tootoo after Collision with Ryan Miller

Photo from AP/Joe Howell of Jordin Tootoo colliding with Buffalo's Ryan Miller.

Last night, the NHL decided to suspend Jordin Tootoo two games after his controversial collision with Buffalo’s goalie Ryan Miller Saturday night in Nashville. Although the decision was made last night, news was not released until a little after noon today.

NHL Vice President Brendan Shanahan claims Tootoo made  “eye contact” with Miller, thus making him an intended target. Eh, not so much, sir. It’s obvious to us we don’t think this is fair, but it could have been worse. Although we wanted to keep positive and believe the NHL would see the obvious incident, we knew Toots would get some kind of suspension. You can watch the video from V.P. Shanahan here.

The last time Tootoo ran into major trouble with the NHL was back in 2007 when threw a controversial punch at Dallas’s Stephane Robidas, which landed him a 5-game suspension. 2007 was four years ago and Toots has taken some extraordinary strides to better himself and his whole persona on and off the ice.

With this, Tootoo will still hold an Active spot on the roster so the Predators are going to feel a bit tight during the next two games. In order to free up room, the Preds would have to put someone injured on the IR, but with only a two game suspension, it might not be worth it (unless say, Francis Bouillon needs to go on the IR).

In case you missed the video the first time, here is the controversial hit on Miller on Saturday night:


The Predators take on the Phoenix Coyotes tonight at 7PM without Toots and will take off to Columbus on Thursday night. Although we aren’t happy about the suspension, like we said earlier, it could have been worse. Thankfully, only two games should not effect us too much, but you never can tell with the Preds.


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