Fan Voting Begins for 2012 All-Star Game

Don't forget to "Write In" Craig Smith!!!

The voting “booth” is now officially open! You can now go onto and vote for 3 of your favorite Fowards, 2 of your favorite Defensemen, and your favorite goalie!

These are who, as Preds fans, should vote for:

  • Forwards: No Predators are listed! What?! That’s okay! You can write-in a vote! And who should this be? CRAIG SMITH. You know he deserves it! Don’t forget to write-in CRAIG SMITH. We assume you can only write in one player, so forget the other two players! Just write in CRAIG SMITH. Did you get that yet?
  • Defensemen: Ryan Suter and Shea Weber.
  • Goalie: Pekka Rinne (duh)
Okay! So easy, right? You can vote up to 30 times, so vote, vote, VOTE! Oh, and don’t forget… WRITE-IN CRAIG SMITH!

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