Preds trade Cal O’Reilly to Phoenix Coyotes

The Nashville Predators have just recently announced that they will be trading forward Cal O’Reilly to the Phoenix Coyotes in return for a 4th Round Draft Pick in the 2012 NHL Draft. The Predators now have nine draft picks for the 2012 Draft, which will be head in Pittsburgh, PA.

Many fans were surprised that O’Reilly was not traded earlier, before the season started, due to the fact he suffered a season-ending injury against the Blue Jackets on January 2nd. However, due to his injury, players Blake Geoffrion and Chris Mueller were able to move up and take to the NHL. Craig Smith’s development has also been a factor in the O’Reilly trade.

We wish Cal all the best of luck in Phoenix.
You can read more about the trade here on the Predators website.


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