Game Day Preview: Will ‘Predator Hockey’ be present in Vancouver?

David Legwand and Ryan Kesler face off during the playoffs. Will Leggy wipe this ice with Kelser's face tonight? Let's hope so.

Welp, it’s finally Game Day in Vancouver and tonight (9PM CT) our Nashville Predators will face the team that ended last season’s playoff run; the Vancouver Canucks. Although the Predators have struggled during the last three games, a fear of being ripped apart by the Canucks is not a factor for this game, for the Canucks, too have struggled early in this season.

Like the Predators, the Canucks have suffered from a ‘lack of shooting’ problem and it has affected their season early as well. However, the Predators cannot pray for the Canucks to make mistakes and must play what they call ‘Predator Hockey’.

After Monday’s “embarrassing” game against Edmonton, will the Predators be ready to take charge and play like the team they know they can be? Only when the puck drops tonight will we know if what happened Saturday truly instilled in the players’ minds. Luckily, we do know that Barry Trotz has been switching up lines and trying out new combinations amongst the players.

The keys to this game for the Predators are to shoot, be aware of their surroundings, and stay out of the penalty box (sounds like any given hockey game, right?). Sergei Kostitsyn scored the only goal for the Predators against Edmonton on Monday, and do you know how he did it? He shot instead of passing, which was a surprise to many fans (but boy were we happy). The Predators enjoy sharing scores with teammates, but sometimes you have to be selfish and shoot, shoot, shoot. As we know, waiting for the perfect shot is almost impossible if you want to actually win a game and it takes more than just a great goalie.

We here at Lady Preds believe that the Predators will fair well tonight, due to the team’s awareness of Monday’s game. As any Preds fan should know, seeing the Sedin twins and Ryan Kesler fail tonight would be revenge from the playoffs, and it would be a very nice way to restart the winning streak. Also, it is Colin Wilson’s birthday today, so they should definitely win for his sake. Happy birthday!

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