It’s a Smashville Halloween!

This was an entry from last year. Can you make something this awesome?

Smashville!! Halloween is right around the corner! Do you have your pumpkins decked out in Preds pride? The 2011-12 season is in full swing so it’s only natural you’ll want to show all the trick-or-treaters who you’re representing! Last year, the Predators posted some nifty carving templates and asked fans to submit photos of their finished products. Although we haven’t seen the link this year, we have come across last year’s templates! You can find the stencils here! There, of course, is the Preds cat head (as seen above), the “NP” logo, a “SMASHVILLE” logo, and a Stanley Cup stencil.

Now that you have your stencils, go out and carve some pumpkins for SMASHVILLE!!

Also, if you really love Nashville, there are also some Nashville Sounds stencils available! They are always worth supporting, too! Nashville Sounds pumpkin stencils.

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