Pekka Rinne makes Nashville’s 25 Most Beautiful

Who would expect him NOT to be on this list?!

Nashville Lifestyles magazine has released their annual Most Beautiful People of Nashville list and guess who made the 2011 list? The Predators’ own goalie, Pekka Rinne. Of course, all of the female Preds fans (and male fans, let’s face it) are not surprised by this announcement and are very proud to see Pekka getting some recognition for his other talents. Now if only Colin Wilson had been chosen, this list would have been perfect… wishful thinking, perhaps? However, it says “25 Most Beautiful” but there are 27. I didn’t read the rest of the article, so there might be some runner-ups, but Peks definitely made the cut!

You can check out Pekka and the others who made the list here. We are very glad to see the Predators are making their mark in Nashville in more ways than one! Way to go, Peks!

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