Pekka Rinne okay after 2nd Period Injury

Pekka defends the goal from Bodie (#20, Jets).

If you watched or listened to the 2nd Period of the game tonight against the Winnipeg Jets, you were aware that newbie goalie Chet Pickard was pulled from goal after the 1st Period and replaced with everyone’s favorite Finnish blonde, Pekka Rinne. You may have also heard he was pulled during play after sustaining an injury from a shot to the mask.

There was a lot of confusion about what happened to Pekka as he was being pulled and replaced by Pickard once more. Was he struck with the puck? Did he get hit by fragments from Jerred Smithson’s broken stick? Well, it was indeed by a puck to the face mask that sent Pekka to the locker room. Although Pekka is used to shots to the face, this one managed to bend his cage and cut him above his right eyebrow. It required 12 stitches to patch the wound.

Pickard had a hard time warming up during the first period, letting two goals slip by before being pulled However, when he returned to replaced Rinne, he deflected many shots to the goal during the remaining 2nd and 3rd periods.

Although he required 12 stitches, Pekka will be just fine for the upcoming season.

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