Kostitsyn stays in Nashville, UFA or RFA

Aww, he really, really likes us!

One of OnTheForecheck.com’s fans came across a a Russian-based newspaper article, which tells of Sergei Kostitsyn, no matter if he is a RFA or UFA, plans on staying in Nashville and signing when the Predators are ready. Now doesn’t that just make you smile? Obviously, SK74 is very thankful Nashville took him in after the Canadiens pretty much just handed him over and wants to stay here for the long haul. I am assuming Poile believes he will win the RFA/UFA situation because he has yet to make a move in signing contracts today. Let’s hope he’s right because we haven’t come across any interviews with the other six saying, no matter the pay, they plan on staying in Nashville.

So for all you SK74 fans (including myself), take a deep breath and thank your lucky stars our favorite Belorussian likes Nashville. Of course, just because he wants to stay here, doesn’t mean Poile will sign a contract (he is good about that, isn’t he?). Let’s hope he gets off the pot soon and starts signing before we lose half the team!

If you would like to read the article, check it out here: Kostitsyn loves us, yes he does.

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